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Agnesani Piscine Ventimiglia (Imperia): 
Agnesani Piscine specialises in the construction of Swimming Pools and Pool Maintenance and Pool Renovation services.
At our company headquarters in Ventimiglia we have a warehouse of Spare Parts and Accessories for Pools.

All Designs and Installations are carried out in compliance with national and international regulations

  • Outdoor pools and indoor pools
  • Saunas and Turkish Baths, Mini Pools and Spas, Hammams

Agnesani Piscine support the client by offering Custom Designs, Technical reports, Operating and Maintenance Manuals and Certifications of compliance with best practices according to existing national and international standards and regulations:

  • 2003 State Regions Agreement on the hygienic safety of swimming pools
  • DGR Regione Liguria no. 902 of 23rd July 2014
  • Technical standard UNI 10637/2016 (for pools for public use)
  • Technical standard UNI and NF EN 16713-1-2-3 (for pools for private use)
  • Technical standard UNI and NF EN 16582-1-2-3 (for pools for private use)
  • Technical standard UNI EN 13451-3
  • Normalisation AFNOR and Réglamentation Française

The company is authorised by the C.C.I.A.A. (Chamber of Commerce) of Imperia for the Installation of water treatment Systems pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 37/08 "d", for the protection of public health.
The Authorisation and Registration are also recognised by the French Chambre de Commerce, d'Industrie, de Métiers, d'Artisanat (Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Trade and Crafts).

Agnesani Piscine Registration R.E.A. n° 120317, Registration A.I.A. (Administrative Economic Repertoire Directory and Italian Arbitrators Association) No. 32999, Siret No. 50895640600013, Intra-community VAT No. FR 87 50896406.
Presentation of International Services in France Article R 1263-3 of the CERFAS IT VALLE 66576 code of work. Represented in France as a foreign company by AAGIS Parc d'Activites Logistique 06200 Nice.

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